Industries Served

We serve clients from all industries and tailor our solutions to fit the customer’s specific needs. Our Services- Telstraight offers complete Managed IT services for all IT requirements. Whether it’s cloud integration, cyber security, or voip services we’re capable of meeting your challenge no matter how large or small.



Solutions provided to ensure your hardware and software is communicating correctly across the entire network to every device on the network. We offer system monitoring, problem solving, and backup plans to ensure you stay up and running 24/7.


Small Business

Support to help you get up and running and ensure your IT network is one less thing you have to worry about; allowing you to focus on what you should be, growing your business.



Solutions to ensure your data is encrypted and secure so you never have to worry about confidential information falling into the wrong hands.



Office setup and on the go network automation to ensure you have access to your network no matter what job site you’re working from.

Our Services

We provide custom IT solutions for non technical small and medium businesses based in the public cloud at affordable prices through process optimization.

Managed IT

Fully Managed IT Services and Solutions.

Cyber Security

Computer, server, and other network/device defense against attacks and security breaches.

Cloud Services

Solutions to take your current infrastructure to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Backup solutions to avoid catastrophe and keep your business up and running 24/7.

Technology Planning

Helping implement optimized IT solutions to help you run your business more efficiently.

Database Management

Solutions to ensure your network is protected and databases are organized. Industries Served


We partner with the top names in the industry to provide you with the best Managed IT Services, solutions and IT hardware for your business needs.